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Many years ago we had the following advice

Good advice at the time

Internet magazineWe generally have a pretty low opinion of those" funky" little graphics and animations that people seem to love have dancing all over their Web pages but Dave has created an impressive collection of 'em - and they're free for anyone to use. There's very little on this site other than a big index of the graphics available and some almost unreadable text at the bottom of the home page. This should be brought to the top to offer a more welcome introduction to the site. Two drop down menus, labeled new and now, offer links to featured graphics collections - but they're unnecessary and bloat the code. It'd be better to highlight new items on the site in the introduction. It's a nice free collection and the site is already proving popular but making the individual graphics' text description on the index page into links as well as better use of the ALT text on images, would give it higher search engine ranking .
If anyone feels tempted to use Dave's graphics remember that animations can significantly increase the download time of your pages and be sparing - overuse of little flashing images is a sure fire way to annoy the hell out of your visitors.

Today things are a little different

That advice was given by Internet Magazine, a very good read but sadly a magazine that disappeared just before the internet really got established. It was in the days of the 56k modem when download times could take a long time but even now we do not like to exceed 100kb file size for any of our animations. Our animations are designed to be a subtle addition to a web page and we always advise that just one or two a page is enough. We now see animated gifs converted from video files that can be Megabytes in size, we do like them and certainly do not make them.
Since we had that article published we have had four different layouts for Sevenoaks Art and in January 2012 we converted to this style template for our website. The advice given no longer relates but at the time we took notice and modified things accordingly. We were honoured that an internet magazine decided to publish an article about us and we like to let our visitors know that we once had this publicity.