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Animated If it aint broke, don't fix it.

A very weird animation

bulb bulletIf it aint broke don't fix it, a saying that has become my catchphrase. So often I have tried to improve the computer set up and regretted it and then mumble these magic words. Often when I gets good results and feel that nothing is broken I will not try to better it. Could this be the reason I produce so many original animations. We have these strange animations, made from a few 3D models of cogs, hammers, propellers and all sorts of bits. It took me some little time to make the worm cogs for the main animations so I isolated them and made another animation from them.

animated cogs
If it ain't broke don't fix it
cog animation
animated drill
animated sign
if it ain't broke animated cube

I have a large selection of different animations

A strange collection no doubt but maybe someone somewhere will have a use for one of these animations, probably like a lot of the strange graphics that can be found on my website. If you like the cogs and would like to look at some more we have some on here -- Animated metal bits and cogs