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"I want you " Uncle Sam animated posters

Based on the "Uncle Sam wants you" poster

BlankPosterOne day as I was sitting at my computer surfing the net Dot said to me "I want you to do this, and I want you to do that" She has been brought up correctly and always adds a please but it is still an annoying phrase whenever I hear it.

Strange thing is that once again she given me inspiration to make another sort of animation and the result shows my way of thinking. This is an unusual animation and I'm quite pleased with the results, it is one that you can easily modify so if you want a variation on on the "I want you to" just download the blank Uncle Sam animation on the left, to a folder on your computer, and then go to the ONLINE IMAGE EDITOR and add the text of your choice. You should find this a very easy thing to do but if you have any problems you can email me or even find me on Google plus.

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More animations similar to the Uncle Sam one?

The technique used here can be used in many other animations and now that I have mastered it do not be surprised to see other animations of a similar nature. I try to be just a little different from all the other online collections of animated gifs (Many using my work without any credit given) and supply you the visitor with truly original, fresh and often funny animations.

What I need to do next is find a poster or photograph and give it a 3D effect like the pointing hand in these examples and create another new animation, I have a few ideas but putting them into practice is another thing altogether. You never know what I will come up with next, a saying that Dot often uses I'm afraid to say, and I will not elaborate any more on that.