All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Free 3D I miss you animations

Sometimes a special person has to go away.

I miss you badgeA collection of animations to let that special person know that they are missed. You could add these to emails, into a blog or forum or even Google+. Sadly Facebook does not support animations like this but it is as easy as a couple of mouse clicks to add them to Google+

Just right click and download to your computer and you can then use them in any way you see fit. I have no objection to them being re sized or modified, in fact many people do, and they end up making some brilliant animations by combining several of the ones that I make with an interesting graphic as a background. These I miss you animations have a transparent back ground to allow for things like that

All these animations have been constructed by myself, sometimes using copyright free graphics so you have no worries about using content that may be copyrighted.

Miss you matchbox
I miss you flag
Miss you safety box
spinning heart
I miss you robin
spinning cube with butterflies

All 3D models constructed here.

Small roseSome considerable time has gone into the construction of the 3D models above so it is very possible you will find them used in other pages on this website. They will be rendered with different textures and graphics but this page is the only one where you will find I miss you as a subject. I have been making 3D models for over twelve years now so my technique has improved just a little from the early days when I used to make everything with a solid white background.

Of course you can always use one of my roses, flowers or anything else that strikes your fancy and add your own message.