All animations created by Dave Sutton

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A few examples of the old fashioned pen and ink work

Its computer graphics now

Hyders Plaxtol LogoUnlike modern day techniques and computer graphics I used to have an old wooden drawing board with a wooden T square, luxury would have been a parallel motion drawing board but I could never persuade Dave Hyder to get me one. He used to say that my drawings were very good and what difference would it make. I certainly had a good grounding in perspective artwork and drawing all sorts of curved work, something that has come in very handy in later life.

The little animation of gates to the left is something I created with CAD software, how easy it would have made life when I worked at Hyders. Sales drawings were carefully sketched out on tracing paper and then inked in. If you made a mistake you would either try and scratch it off with a razor blade or start again. The full sized drawings for the blacksmiths to form their scrollwork were drawn out on massive lengths of brown paper stuck together and the drawing board was a big table that you virtually had to crawl across at times. At one time when I had a mini skirted assistant who used to have to bend over this table to draw the scrolls I used to get many visits from the workshop with some strange questions but they never seemed to look at me.

the old forge ironworkers
wrought iron gates
The original Hyders Logo that was updated in the 60's
Very ornate wrought iron gates
Well head - Can you imagine the time taken to hand draw such an illustration
This is a photo, we used to have hundreds of etched copper plates mounted on wooden blocks with photos like this