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Dutch Teddy Bear and Monkey animations

button bulletAs a radio amateur and speaking to all nationalities I found the Dutch to one of the friendliest. If there was tropospheric ducting about and it was possible to speak to the Dutch on two metres I would have a great time speaking to so many. Their English is also so good, you have to wonder why the English are so bad at learning other languages and expect everyone to speak English.

Dutch Teddy bear and monkey, very easy going and friendly and will sort out any problems that you have. If you adopt one they will need very little attention because they will look after themselves.

animated Dutch teddy bear
animated flag of the Netherlands
animated Dutch monkey

As I understand it it is OK to call the Western part of the Netherlands Holland but other regions should be referred to as the Netherlands. Someone very kindly sent me in an email explaining this situation so I will refer to the monkey and teddy bear as coming from the Netherlands