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Free 3D Be Happy animations

Dot Dave and Acorn are happy

Behappy saftety boxIn our later years Dot and Dave are happy. We have had our ups and downs but after 35 years together we are happy. I like my own space as does Dot. So I have my study and the spare room and Dot has the rest of the house, the kitchen being her domain and the only time I'm really welcome in it is if I do the washing and wiping up ( We do not have a dishwasher )

Here we have some happy animations to brighten up your web pages, on the Google forums I use the nickname Acorn and the one here seems happy enough.

animated happy acorn swinging be happy sign animated happy panda
happy smiley I want you to be happy be happy cube
beer happy animation bee-happy bear happy

Don't worry, be happy animations

happy skeletonThe bottom three animations with beer, bee and bear have a white background because the animated text effect works best that way.

For years I have refused to make a yellow happy smiley face for this website but Dot persuaded me to make just one little one to go with the millions that must be available on the internet. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I have a Big Mouth Billy Bass on our study wall that sings "Don't worry , be happy " when activated. Mouth, head and tail movements all included. It was the inspiration for these be happy animated gifs so have fun and be happy.

The skeleton rising from the pirates chest is an animation I originally made for my Halloween page but it struck me he was extremely happy to get out of it so I modified the animation to suit.