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Free Happy Birthday animations

Birthday candleIf you have any ideas for new Happy Birthday animated gifs let me know and in time they may be added. I'm always experimenting, updating and adding new animations but sometimes the inspiration is just not there. The champagne and candle birthday card was made as a complete 3D model and the light adjusted in several different frames. The candle animation was added separately in the animation software. It is very easy to make a candle flame, we have a page with some on and we just converted a video of a flame into a small animated gif.
Send someone a birthday message by email, add it your blog, web page or even add it with your message on a forum. It may need to be uploaded to an image hosting site like picasa or Photobucket but it is easy to then transfer the code to a message, especially in the Google forums. Sadly I do not support direct linking from this site ( Right clicking and then copy and paste ) because it would put a tremendous strain on bandwidth and expenses.
Go ahead, have fun with my stuff, I have free birthday animations for age groups and animations you can add text to on the links below.

More Happy birthday animations

Happy Birthday Age groups Add text to one of my animations

Red rose birthday gift Loads of teddy bears Happy Birthday teddy bear
  Made using my birthday alphabet  
Birthday tin Birthday Card Birthday Dalek
animated birthday cake
happy birthday computer birthday teddy
happy birthday toilet happy birthday balloons birthday flag animation
animated happy birthday ruby birthstone birthday animated matches
  Click ruby for birthstone animations  

happy birthday train birthday sparkle happy birthday birthday balloons birthday champagne happy birthday flag birthday sign Flashing birthday teddy birthday cake teddy bear

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Birthday animations using some different techniques.

The balloon animation was created as one single 3D model and made to twist in several frames. A happy birthday picture was created in Paint Shop Pro and then rendered using Artlantis. Once a single balloon graphic was created two more with different colors were created and then all merged together in my animation package. The match box was created as a single animation and so was the toilet. The flag is an eight frame animation that I built years ago and I feel that it now needs some improvement to make it a little more realistic.