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Guy Fawkes animations. Penny for the guy animation.

November 5th fireworks

As a boy I always built a Guy for the bonfire and roamed the streets with him.

penny for the guyGuy Fawkes rocket and masksWhen I was a boy we a built a Guy and toured the streets asking for a penny for the guy. We would have put it in a cart made from old orange boxes and a set of pram wheels. Now days you see a Guy made from old clothes, stuffed with paper and a mask being pushed around the streets in a supermarket shopping trolley. If you do not give a pound at least you stand a good chance of having your head kicked in.

A few tongue in the cheek Guy Fawkes animations. If you are looking for fireworks “Heathers animations” have a superb collection

Guy Fawkes Night animation
Nov 5 animation
spinning rocket
Guy Fawkes mask
Guy Fawkes sign

Everything made here

Penny for the Guy with fireworksI could not resist the temptation to make a few Guy Fawkes animations. it took hours to build the supermarket trolley but in all honesty I have seen so many used for transporting Guys.

Everything on this page built especially for November the 5th. Take care with those fireworks, when I was younger I used to make my own but it is something that you should never attempt. I was stupid but very lucky that I never blew any body part off, apart from my eyebrows when I had an explosion in mums kitchen which left a black mark on the ceiling.