All animations created by Dave Sutton

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German teddy and monkey , highly skilled workers

cog bulletA superb teddy and animated monkey, not unlike our German car , a Volkswagen Golf GTI, solid safe and reliable. Very much in control but fast and efficient. Even though I have retired I cannot bring myself to downgrade to a smaller cheaper car to run about in. Not yet anyway. I have got a page about my days working in the wrought iron trade in the sixties. In that work I came across many splendid examples of German wrought iron, it was magnificent and how the blacksmith was able to create such artwork in iron was so impressive. Our funny little animations are maybe not so impressive but we get a lot of fun out of making them.

animated German Teddy bear
German flag
German monkey

German teddy and monkey, only the best is good enough for them , very organized. They like their beer. Is it true that they have no sense of humour and are always the first to put towels on the sun loungers in the morning ?