All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Egg and sausage animations

Jamie Oliver loves free range eggs

animated strawberryJamie Oliver used to supply some very tasty sausages to Tesco, our supermarket but they seem to have disappeared from the shelves. This is a great shame because they were , in my opinion some of the best sausages available.
Another one that I like is the Cumberland sausage, available from the C.O.O.P The one sausage we cannot easily get in this country is the Greek Cypriot sheftalia, another superb tasting sausage although in all probabilities it is classified as a kebab

eat free range eggs
Jamie Oliver in egg
fried egg animation
egg cube
animated Jamie Oliver sausage
spinning eggs

Danielle Harold ( Lola in Eastenders )

i experimented a lot before we could get the egg to open nicely but had little trouble making the other animations. We not sure what Jamie Oliver would make of this but he certainly looks young in these animations now. Our little friend Danielle Harold was lucky enough to appear in Jamie's television program "Dream school" about young people who came away fro school with very few qualifications. Thanks to this program she was given the opportunity to get further education, went to drama school and is now an actress in Eastenders on BBC playing the part of mischievous Lola.
I know this is a page about animated eggs but just had to include an animated sausage because not only did Jamie Oliver campaign for better chicken welfare, he also has a lovely sausage.