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Air violin animation, No flaming animations and make my day animations.

Acorns and Teddy bears

animated footballOnce again the Acorn people are getting up to all sorts of tricks and if you make an Acorn angry he not only goes green but gets the six shooters out. He may say "Make my day" but this little Acorn is no Dirty Harry. This particular 3D acorn model can be found in many strange places and situations on our web site. He has been made with rotating legs and arms to give the animation effect. A combination of the Acorn model and some of our other models like the guns and violins can combine together to make a funny animation. Our model library is continually growing so who knows what Acorn will get up to next.

Play the air violin
animated flaming acorn
Make my day
no flaming on this forum
no flaming animation
candle flame animation

What does flaming mean?

Air violin, the act of playing an imaginary violin while listening to someone's sob story stems from the silent movie days when a violin was played for all the sad scenes. The Flaming Acorn could be used on forums to warn against such actions, I made this animation years ago when someone warned me against flaming (Posting a message to provoke an angry response, something I cannot always resist but in a humorous sort of way, "Make my day" the Acorn person with the guns speaks for itself. The bottom row can be used on forums to warn about flaming.