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Slowly adding more animated fairies to this page

animated butterflyMost of these fairies were constructed many years ago and while updating this website I decided to go back and see if I could modify any of the existing 3D models. The fairy sitting on the moon and the fairy sitting on the swing are additions.

The midnight fairy sitting on a mushroom was made by adjusting light settings in our rendering program. We then added a sweet looking fairy photograph to our famous animated cube. Hopefully it has made a rather barren webpage just a little more interesting.

animated fairy on rose
animated fairy on daisy chain
fairy sitting on red rose
animated fairy cube
midnight fairy animation
spinning fairy animation

Animated fairies

spinning fairy

The fairy spinning around in circles on the left is an ornament that Dot has. I have put it on a revolving table, filmed it and then made the background transparent after converting it into an animated gif.

Previous comments by Dot referred to the fact that these fairies were based on the family of fairies living at the bottom of our garden. Everybody knows that it is most unlikely to have fairies there, they are shy and retiring and much prefer the solitude found deep in the woods and forests.

Like all our animations these fairies have been made from 3D CAD models and then textured and animated, more and more so you will find good 3D animations like this on the internet. 3D modeling software has improved drastically since I started over ten years ago and it is probably time for us to update our software as well.

I'm rather proud of my angels, sadly they do not get many views, the link is below