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3D Animated Elvis gifs ... Elvis Presley animations

Elvis Presley appeared on the scene when I was a boy

small elvis faceAs a boy I can remember when Elvis came on the scene. Music was pretty ordinary and the Elvis style was a breath of fresh air. At school I would discuss with with friends how the Elvis records were doing in the charts, and they always did very well. Of course Cliff Richards came along soon after and copied the Elvis technique.
Dot is a great lover of all Cliffs music and her music collection just goes to prove it, all loaded onto her iphone of course. Give me Elvis any day.
One reason why I made these Elvis animations.

Elvis Presley animation
elvis with guitar animation
Elvis cube
animated Elvis star
animated Elvis flag
Elvis Presley star

My Elvis animated gif collection

This is our animated gif collection for the King of Rock and Roll which includes the face of Elvis, Elvis strumming a guitar, our famous cube animation. the Elvis stars and the Confederate flag.

Elvis Presley Jan 8 1935 - Aug 16 1977

Originally sang rockabilly with first single "Heartbreak Hotel" I remember his first song and was just eleven at the time.