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Dr Who animations. Animated Daleks

Dr Who bannerDr who regeneration animations, Doctor Who Logo and a couple of Daleks. I used several techniques on this web page.
Some of the morphs were created using a combination of 3D software and a rather ancient morphing program.
The Dr Who logo was created using a 3D model and adjusting the lighting when imported into Artlantis renderer. The Daleks were created in Silverscreen and took many hours to make but I had fun with the finished results. Because I'm a fan of the Daleks you will find that I have used them on many of my other animations, even using one for a happy birthday animation.
Dr Who regeneration Dr Who Dr who regeneration doctor morph Dr who morph
Dalek animation animated Dalek Dalek
Dalek with no nose

Old Dr Who stuff

exterminate catsAnimated Daleks and Dr Who animations from a very old Dr Who fan who can remember the first episodes broadcast in black and white, special effects have come a long way since then, the CGI is brilliant. In fact I saw an original Dalek for sale in a Riverhead antique shop and although it was made from the most basic material I very nearly bought it . Dot was not keen on having a Dalek as a lodger and at that time I could not really afford it.
Original 3D animations made by Dave of Sevenoaks Art. These animations have been made from many different images of Dr Who over the years.