All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Click animated email button to contact me

emailIt should be a simple matter to download my animations but if you encounter a problem or would like to contact me regarding anything to do with this site you can do so by clicking the red Google plus button at the bottom of this page, I have an active profile and would like to hear from you.
You can also click little animated email button for my email address but it is likely that any mail sent to me these days would get lost in the hundreds of spam communications that I get daily.

If you like this sort of animated button many more can be found on our email button page.

Download animated gifs and use them on your webpages

There should be no problems downloading animated gifs on this website, simply right click and then click “save picture as”.
You are then given the option to save the animated gif to a folder of your choice. You can then insert that animation into a folder on your website or upload it to a collection of animations on a free animation hosting website such as Picassa or Photobucket.

If you use these image hosting websites you can then link to them and place them in blogs, social engineering sites, forums, emails, web pages etc. by using the copy and paste method or adding the link code supplied. In Outlook you can add the animation to a page by "inserting picture" and selecting it from your hard drive.

If you try to right click, copy, and then paste the animation from this website into an email, forum or web page it will not work because I have blocked all image links. You would be using my server and my bandwidth to display the animation and as generous as I am I cannot afford the extra bandwidth charges to display my images on your web pages.

How to upload animated gifs to Blogger

Find the animation or emoticon (hopefully from our website) that you want on the internet. Right click on it “save picture as” and save it onto your computer. Open an account with Picasa Web Alums, it’s all free and part of Google and upload the animation. Once the animation is uploaded click on it and on the right hand side you will see “link to this photo “ Click the link. Select size as original size and I always tick the image only (no link) box. Right click the embed image code and click copy

Open up your blog and in the new post in compose format click the little blue photo insert image box. Where it says add an image from the web (top right hand side) right click in box and click paste. In the dialogue box chose a layout (Where you want the animation to be) and click the image size you want, I always use large. Click the big orange upload image button and wait a little. In compose format you will find the animation (I hope) you can now finish the blog.

It is possible to upload animated gifs to blogger on existing pages as well.

Problems when the downloaded image will not animate

Just occasionally this has been known to happen and I think it is a bug in Windows.
Empty the contents of the Temporary Internet Files folder. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options. Click the General tab. Under Temporary Internet files, click Delete Files.

If that does not work consult this Microsoft help page