All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Merry Christmas framed gif animations

Animations with no transparent regionsMerry Christmas animation

Merry christmas lanternJust about everything used in these animations has come from my home grown library. You may even recognise some of them if you have browsed this website.

I used the Lantern but had to make a bracket and sign. The TV, angel and keyboard were placed into one 3D drawing and different levels of light applied to correspond with changing TV screen. Father Christmas up the chimney used some of my furniture bits, I animated his legs, superimposed the fire in with animation shop and adjusted the flickering light effect in my rendering software, I'm rather proud of my Animated santa and sleigh, it won me an award in an animated gif contest many years ago, I have added the background since.

nativity animated gif
Christmas sleigh
Santa up the chimney
Santa in his sleigh
Santa stuck up chimney

santa in the snow
holiday dreams
Merry Christmas , Happy new year
Holiday Dreams

Have a good Christmas Holiday

robin in snowI made this small collection of animations with a coloured frame around them. They will sit quite nicely on any coloured background and you will be able to say that you have a truly original animation as I make everything here. The sleigh and Reindeer took hours to build and getting the reindeer legs to Synchronize was no easy feat. The photo had to be modified in Paint Shop Pro quite a lot to make the rendering look realistic

Sometimes when looking at other animated gif collections I'm a little saddened to see so many copied animations available including some of my ones, something I do not permit.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I hope that in my own small way I have contributed to a good Christmas holiday time.