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3D Christmas animated gifs for a white background

I have been making animations for many years

animated reinbeerIt was one Christmas maybe sixteen years ago that I decided to make a few Christmas animations, the four animations in the top row is the result of my efforts, I have left them on this web page and for sentimental reasons I have not deleted or improved on them apart from the "Its Christmas" one. The original was pretty tatty. It was a start of a long and never ending learning curve and you will find that my other Christmas animations are better quality. I try to improve all the time. Sad to say that I lost a few of the original CAD models so I cannot use them in other new animations. At least you know that these are really original animated gifs.

The spinning Merry Christmas is one of my classic animations and I make quite a few of these as badges or logos, with the software I have it is quite an easy task to make any sort of spinning logo.

Nodding Santa animation
Christmas time
Father Xmas animation
Merry Xmas
No No No
It's Xmas
Have a xmas drink

merry christmas spin
Christmas balloons
Christmas tree
Father Chritsmas Chimney
Merry Christmas
Background image thanks to WPClipart
Stuck in chimney

animated holly
Christmas cube
Merry Christmas animation
Xmas Holly
Christmas cube
Christmas logo
Darth vader and Christmas tresents Santa u-turn Christmas Dalek
Darth Vader knows Santa does a U turn Christmas Dalek

Even Teddy loves Christmas

Boozy teddy bearI spent a few hours making the rocking chair and I have used it on one other animation. The teddy bear is a persistent little chap and seems to end up on so many of our animations. You can not but help like him.

On my list of things to do is to add more Teddy Bears getting up to all sorts of things at Christmas.
I do not blame a Teddy for sitting back in his chair and enjoying a glass of port, he has even put his Christmas hat on and it will not be long before I have a Teddy drunk in charge of a rocking chair.

The original idea for the reinbeer came from people on Google+, I just created my animated version of it and it was quite easy to make because I already had the beer cans, antlers, sleigh and Father Christmas made as 3D models. As time goes by and more models get made it gives me scope to make even stranger animations.

I have more animations on the links below