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Merry Christmas

Christmas bearI would like to take this opportunity to wish all my visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The animation to the left has a transparent background and has been converted from a video as has the turkey animation in the bottom paragraph
It gives me a "buzz" to think that so many of you are using my free Christmas animations on your blogs websites, forums, and many other places.
I may be getting old but I still love Christmas and as soon as the decorative lights are put up in the village I live in it's time for me to start thinking about the holiday season and making special animations on GOOGLE+ If you need help with any of my graphics or just want a chat you can always find me there.
If you want to add a special message to an animation take a look at Add message page, it's quite easy to do.

Christmas sign
Xmas tree
Santa window christmas animation
Christmas animation
Sleigh animation
Red nosed reindeer

Santa juggling
Santa's sleigh
santa xmas cube

Christmas pudding Xmas Logo Christmas Holly Boozy Santa Claus Santa Christmas snowflake Christmas animated Mince Pie Father Christmas Snowman Christmas cake

More of my Christmas animations below

A Collection of free Christmas animations

Christmas turkeyThis top row of animations were made about 2002 and still going well. My technique and quality has improved since then and I have added more gif animations, not only on this page but on the others, see links below. The animations on this page all have a black background and if placed on a black coloured web page like this one you will get the same sort of effect. The animated alphabet with the teddies was made from one of my 3D alphabets collections, you will need animation editing software or you can use an online image editor to make your own names. If you do not want to use a black background no problem, you can have the animation in a black background square or you can use some of my animations on other pages that have a transparent background. A big thank you must go to WPClipart for letting me use some of their fantastic artwork used in some of these Christmas graphics.