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Christmas cat and kitten gif animations.

My cats and kittens celebrate Christmas as well.Grumpy Christmas

Santa putting the boot into a cat in the binI know that I have got a page with cats and kittens on and it is quite popular so I decided to use some of those animations and make some Christmas stuff. The animation on the right would probably be better on the naughty Santa page but he is in enough trouble on that page as it is.

I do know that my cat Tia, the one in the middle with the Christmas hat on would never let me put a hat on her so my skills with a photo editor came in handy.

According to my Granddaughter even our cat is entitled to a Christmas present so she has wrapped something up for her and placed it under our Christmas tree. I know for a fact that Tia will be nowhere near all the celebrations on Christmas day.

Christmas kitten with red hat Christmas kitten Christmas cat singing
Cat cube with santa taking a ride Teddy painting a special cat Christmas swinging sign

Merry Christmas to all your cats and kittens

Butterfly on Christmas kittenThis collection put together with some of my 3D models and photographs of cats that I have stored on my computer. I like to think that I have created something totally different from many of the other animated gifs you will find on the internet.

I have made some very similar animations of cats and kittens but without the Christmas flavour and they are available here. I have not got around to making Christmas animated dogs yet but that could be a possibility next year.

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