Looking for a Karate club in the Bromley Area?

Sho-Hei Ryu karate at the Ryo Shin Kan Dojo

If you live in Bromley, Grove Park, Shortlands, Beckenham, Bickley, Chislehurst, Petts Wood, Orpington, Eden Park, West Wickham or Farnborough this could be the Karate club for you.

Maybe a strange sort of web page to find on an animations web page but Dave practiced karate many years ago and has the greatest respect for a good karate club. He used to work with a black belt from this club and having heard so many good stories about it has decided to make this web page. Lets be honest Dave was never very good at at it, his co-ordination and suppleness are not the best in the world but when he did go it certainly helped to make him a much fitter and confident person. Maybe he should just concentrate on making animated gifs. I never wanted to join him but I used to help him with the exercises and even had a go myself, that was in the days when I played netball and even instructed at our local school so I was a lot fitter then. I would think twice about attempting some of those exercises these days.

Get fit, boost your confidence, have a go.

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