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Free you are awesome animations.

3D Awesome animated buttons

Have a chocolateIts not often that I get called Awesome. I get the occasional comment that my animations are awesome so I made these animations. Its a word not used much by the British but is often used by the Americans. It has a wonderful descriptive flavour and it convinced me that a few awesome animations were needed. The word seems to be used a lot on forums so these little animations could be used to accentuate your feelings about a posting or article that you really feel is awesome. When searching for awesome animations you will find many animations that are awesome but not many that are actually animated you are awesome buttons like these

Awesome animation
Spinning star with awesome
curved animated name
Animated heart
Animated butterfly and awesome
animated cube with awesome
you're awsome animation with monkey
awesome fingers animation
you're awesome gnome

How can you use them

Sometimes I sit here and wonder what my work will be used for, I can check when people give me a link on their blogs or website's but to be honest I have not seen these animations used that much.
Go on ... send via email or a forum to a friend , that special person, or someone who really deserves a little praise with one of these awesome animations.