All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated bee and rose gif animations

Keeping the image file size down

If we were to make the two bee and rose animations below as a complete animation the file size would be so large it would not be very practical to put them on a web page because of downloading time. Instead we have made the bee animations as a separate animation and placed it the on top of a Rose jpeg.

animated bee placed on rose image
bee animation

Image backgrounds

bee and roae animationIn this case we have used CSS to place the rose in the background, but you can do this just as easy if you want to place it in a cell of a table. The bee, a separate animation with a transparent background is only 42k and is placed as an image over the top of the background. In all it makes each animation above about 53k, a very small file size considering the physical size of them. It takes a little basic HTML knowledge to do this but if you have Dreamweaver even Dot and Dave are capable of achieving this. Most of our animations on this website have a transparent background and are objects that could easily be planted on top of an interesting background using this technique. It really helps to have a webpage that downloads quickly and some people even believe that downloading time is an important factor in SEO. The animation to the left is a complete animation and can be downloaded exactly as it is. Have fun. Dave