All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Naughty animated angels, some strange animations

Just what sort of angel is this

This angel is not your sweet innocent animated angel that you can find by clicking the link but maybe he is a Christmas Angel, especially when Art the Harold Angel sings. Weird selection of angels made in the early days of this website showing my strange sense of humour. We do have a selection of of the more traditional sort of angel, we have dressed her in a Victorian dress and have her reading the bible, blowing a trumpet and playing a harp amongst other things. The sweet angels were Dot's idea as she thought these angels were "not quite right"

Angel heading halo animation
Angel sitting on loo
Animated angel with guitar
angel swinging penguin
animated angel and guitar
animated angel with panda

Click the link above to see some sweet Victorian animated angels. Sorry if we disappointed you and you expected to see some sweet lovable angels. We try to cater for everyone.

At least my selection of Arold Angels are doing something original and are not blowing trumpets or playing the harp and we all have to go to the loo at some time. I added the penguin and pandas to my animations at a later date because I had already made these models as animations for use as a Google algorithm update graphic. It's nice to be able to configure animations using stuff that I have already made.