All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Proud to be American animated gifs

animated appleYou have probably arrived here from our Teddy or monkey page to find the American version. We have made this page to include both. If you discover an animation on our website that would look good with the Stars and Stripes added let us know and we may add it to this collection.

American Teddy
American Flag
american monkey

We have split these animations up onto separate pages for ease of use and because when we first made the original animations (we have since updated them) it was in the days of the 56k modem and it took time to download animations like this. We have made a lot of very good American friends through our website and we have always tried to keep this British website with a lot of American flavoured animations. Dave talks to a lot of Americans on his Amateur radio and says that he is very envious of some of them because they big gardens, big aerials and high powered radios. In our little semi detached we have to be very careful about not using too much power and interfering with the neighbours televisions