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Dot and Dave's visit to Almirida Crete 2008

Aeolos self catering apartments Almirida

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Amirida beach

Almirida Restaurants

We love anything Greek and although great lovers of Cyprus we decided to have a two week break away from making gif animations in Almirida Crete. Research on the Internet gave us the impression that it was a laid back fishing village with a few bars and taverna's on the sea front. It was once a fishing village but tourism has definitely taken over and the taverna's on the sea front offer mainly frozen fish on the menu. These taverna's offer good basic food and it is advisable not to drink the tap water but to buy bottled. On our stay in Almirida we used most of them and the only problem we had was with the Thalami taverna (top right above) we sat down and waited and eventually a waitress threw us some menus without saying a word, we decided to leave. We walked a little further down the street along the sea front (sea on our right) around the corner and came across the Chicago restaurant(photograph below).
We had a lot of Greek food so thought we would give this restaurant with typical English (Even American) cuisine a try. We recommend this one, good friendly service and good food.


Taxi service

If you walk along the road in Cyprus and even just raise your hand there is a good chance that a taxi will skid to a halt hoping your are waving him down. Not so in Almirida, the taxi bay often has two Mercs but when we asked for a taxi in Almirida the two old boys were arguing about who could stay seated under the shelter rather than rushing to assist us. They spoke hardly any English so a basic knowledge of Greek was very helpful especially knowing a few swear words.

We did not hire a car on this occasion and looking at the driving habits it was probably a good thing to do.
They drive on the right when they feel like it, ignore red traffic lights, consistently beep the hooter, abandon rather than park their cars and feel that flashing hazard lights give them the right to do so, overtake at the worst possible moment and totally ignore any speed limits. A priest who stayed in our apartment block and who was a regular visitor to Crete said that the last time he hired a car he ended up a nervous wreck. He also said that when you hire a car they will only accept a credit card and that you have to check the car thoroughly for dents and scratches and point them out as they will try try to charge your card for any dents you did not notice.

Almirida hotel

Photos of Almirida Hotel and Plaka square at night above


We stayed in the Aeolos self catering apartments up the hill halfway between the sea front Almirida and Plaka with a magnificent view over the bay. Sadly it seems that in the past couple of years Almirida has grown and seems to be coming another "Little Britain" with attached and semi attached apartment complexes springing up.
The hotels are not big and seem to appeal to the Germans and Scandinavians with the all in cost and set routine. The sunbeds around the swimming pool are very close to each other and we have seen the famous towels draped on sunbeds very early in the morning.


A fifteen minute walk up the hill from Almirida will find Plaka. In the square are a couple of taverna's and a bar. Real Greek flavour here and the food is much better than down on the sea front. It is well worth the walk or the struggle to get a taxi. Even further up the hill is a small village with no shops or taverna's called Cambia. This is one of the friendliest and prettiest Greek villages we have ever visited