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Page not found animations, 404 animated gifs

Something different

British TeddyI have used some of my standard 3d models to create these animations. The book is easy to modify and add text to and my old favourite Chad, who has his own web page and is continually having requests for more wot animations is here, the spinning logo, perhaps my specialty is in action as well, the monkey who also displays some national flags is still revolving, the sweet angel who looks absolutely confused, and who can blame her cannot find the right page and the spinning cube is in action as well.

404 book
Page not found logo
404 monkey
404 Angel
404 cube

Nice surprise for a 404 page

The 404 not found error message is displayed when a client was unable to find a page on your server. Your web host displays an uninteresting message to let people know this. Why not add a custom error page that is just a little different and use some of our animations, we are continually updating adding and removing pages and a custom 404 error page with some interesting information and a link to your home page helps if you try to visit a page that no longer exists. Why not liven it up a little with one of our animations, we have used some on ours but we are a little biased where our animations are concerned