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animated robinFree 3D animated gifs to download by Dot and Dave for blogs, emails, Google+ messages Powerpoint Presentations, forums and commercial websites. My animations and web graphics are custom made, royalty free and I have made them all. Most of the animations available here have a transparent background so they are suitable for planting on any light colored web page.
This site has been in existence in one form or another for fourteen years and I'm still adding things to this website.

I'm the artist and Dot is the organiser who also thinks up the ideas for new animations and keeps me fed and watered. We live in Borough Green Sevenoaks, a friendly little village on the outskirts of Sevenoaks. Even Internet magazine had a few comments to make about this website a few years ago. If anyone wants to use the animated gifs on this site feel free to use them and download them to a folder on your hard drive, the copy and paste procedure will not work.

Join me on Google plusIf you want to interact with me I'm fairly active on GOOGLE+ click this link to see my profile and even possibly join my circle. I have a lot of fun having made hundreds of special 3d animations and speak to many very interesting people from all over the world. I have had first class help with graphics, animated gifs, Amateur radio, photography, SEO and many other things. Google+ seems to have an expert willing to help fellow members on just about any subject you are interested in. In my opinion it does not even compare to Facebook as a social networking site and to top it all it is absolutely advert free.

Feel free to make new animated gifs using any of our graphics.

ladybugThis is just one example of how our animated gifs, because most have a transparent background can be modified and made into new animations. The lady bug is just one of thousands of animations that we have here and we simply used an online image editing program to add the text (of your choice and style) underneath it.

You can make animated names, avatars, combine several of animations into one , or add special messages or names, the combinations are countless and you have no worries about copyright because I made everything on this website.

Simply refer to my Make animated gifs online webpage and within minutes you will have some very special customized animated gifs

These animations are ideal for use in PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint monkeyMost of my animations have a transparent background so they are ideal for use in Powerpoint presentations if you are using a light colored background. If you want to put them on top of a dark colour page just send me a message and I should be able to optimize the image for you. I can also make the animation bigger with no pixilation occurring.

The animations in this website have been optimized to work best on websites and blogs but there is no reason why they cannot be utilized for Powerpoint to make that presentation just a little bit more interesting.

Web hosting and how we make our animations

discount domainsMy web hosting is supplied by Discount Domains and has kept me running very smoothly for over ten years, click the animated iphone 5 for more information. My graphics are made using a combination of Schroff Silverscreen 3D modeling program, Artlantis renderer, Jasc Paint shop pro , Jasc animation shop and a lot of imagination with added inspiration from Dot. The 3D animated alphabet collection took me many months to create. The collection of butterflies were created using images from cigarette cards. The sweet Victorian angels have been admired the world over, it is always nice to get feedback from people who appreciate the time and effort I have put into making the animated gifs on this website. I always welcome suggestions for new animations and often have many projects on the go at the same time.

How animated gif production started.

animated laptopThe website started many years ago, I did not make any 3D moving graphics to start with and only uploaded 3D jpeg images like the examples in our header. A couple of American housewives sent an email and said that my work was very nice but why didn't I make some animated gifs from the 3D models that I had made. That was the start of hundreds of little moving images. In the early days they were very crude and did not have a transparent background like some of our Christmas animations but over the years things have improved and I have experimented a great deal and developed some special techniques. My work has a distinctive look about it and has not got the soft edges that are often seen with anything built in 3D Max for example.

Pictures, Photos and Images Blog

animated cameraA blog that features artists and photographers has written an article about me with detailed information and some examples of my work. I'm highly honoured that anyone would want to feature me especially as this blog has some very talented people displaying work. If you know of artists or photographers who would like Their work displayed here this blog is worth a visit.

Please do not use animations in other online collections

Do not annoy me animationThis website has a collection of 3D animated gifs that are truly original, all built by myself and nothing scraped from other sites as many collections on the internet are. Have fun and use our work in any way you like including commercial websites but do not add to another online collection, a link back to this website is always appreciated. If you like our animations and would like to help keep the development of this website going we have a PayPal donation button at the top of this page. Donations also help me buy an occasional bottle of SoCo so if you do not approve of drinking alcohol please do not donate.

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